• Handheld probe

    Handheld probes check food temperature and send readings to either a networked computer or to a dedicated website and provide alerts to you by email, text or on-screen warnings.
  • Bluetooth device

    Testing is sent to bluetooth enabled device and synced to our servers.
  • 24h cloud access

    Information is stored on our servers for up to five years, and is accessible through your unique web page.
  • Head office

    We provide continuous monitoring and alerts. You can access all your temperature readings from your office.


  • Download
    EagleEyePro App

    Download the App to your smartphone or tablet. It works with iOS and Android devices.
  • Pair with a
    Bluetooth Probe

    Use a variety of probes to take internal or topical temperature readings including grill stations.
  • Record Temps & Take
    Corrective Actions

    Temperature Readings are instantly sent to the app and stored on the cloud.
  • Information at
    Your Fingertips

    You can run reports by date range, food type, employee, and more! Create reports in a couple clicks, especially when the health inspector walks in.


Quality Checks

  • Tasting & Testing Checks
  • Restroom Checks
  • Inspections of All Kinds
  • You Can Take Pictures From The App To Record & Document

Vendor Checks

  • Temp Incoming Deliveries
  • Reject Any Food That Is Not Within The Desired Temp Range
  • There is a time stamp to ensure on-time deliveries